Faculty, Staff, & Board Directory


Name Position Email Phone Number
Mr. Kevin Kelleher Head of School kkelleher@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 249
Mr. Rob Cavallari Chief Operating Officer rcavallari@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 213
Ms. Andrea Drabik Dean of Student Life & Enrollment adrabik@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 211
Mr. Beck O'Connor Dean of Student Affairs boconnor@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 237
Mr. Keith Junik Dean of Academic Affairs kjunik@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 228
Ms. Amanda Rebeck Dean of Advancement & Alumni Relations arebeck@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 237

Counseling Center

Name Position Email Phone Number
Mrs. Sarah Neudeck Counseling Director/Counselor for Students M to Z sneudeck@smhlancers.org 716-683-2349 ext. 218
Mrs. Jamie Whitwood Director of College Counseling/Students A to L jwhitwood@smhlancers.org 716-683-2349 ext. 219


Name Position Email Phone Number
Mrs. Melanie Adams Director of Tuition & Financial Aid madams@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824  ext. 226
Mrs. Pam Aquino Athletic Dept. Assistant paquino@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824  ext. 224
TBA Main Office Administrative Assistant TBA 716-683-4824  ext. 210
Sr. Rose Therese DiGregorio Spiritual Advisor rtherese@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824  ext. 225
Mrs. Claudia Fiume Discipline Office Administrative Assistant cfiume@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824  ext. 227
Mr. Tristan Hall Kitchen Manager thall@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824
Ms. Brittany Heist Director of Athletics bheist@smhlancers.org 716.683.4824  ext. 235
Ms. Amy Kawa Marketing and Communications Coordinator akawa@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824  ext. 215
Mrs. Elizabeth Murphy School Nurse bmurphy@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824  ext. 220
Mrs. Evelyn Skalski Cafeteria Manager eskalski@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824


Name Position Email Extension
Mr. Matthew Ard Social Studies Chair mard@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 327
Mrs. Linda Aures Science Chair laures@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 301
Mrs. Kelly Barry Phys Ed. / Health kbarry@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 302
Mrs. Diane Battaglia Religion dbattaglia@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 303
Ms. Terri Bierasinski French, Spanish tbierasinski@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 304
Mrs. Trish Connelly Social Studies tconnelly@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 305
Mr. Philip Conner Science pconner@smhlancers.org  716-683-4824 ext. 306
Ms. Kristin Cutspec Spanish kcutspec@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 328
Mr. Albert Derrico Science aderrico@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 307
Dr. Kirsten Eurenius Science  keurenius@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 327
Mr. Thomas W. Fay Religion, Latin  twfay@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 308
Mr. David Hall Math  dhall@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 310
Mr. Peter Herr English, Fine Arts pherr@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 311
Ms. Meaghan Hillery Art  mhillery@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 313
Mrs. Emily Junik Social Studies ejunik@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 309
Mr. Ryan Kaminski Music  rkaminski@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 316
Mr. Max Mauro English  mmauro@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 315
Mr. Thomas Mellen Math  tmellen@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 329
Mr. Paul Meyerhofer Computer Science Chair  pmeyerhofer@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 317
Mrs. Cindy Powers Religion Chair  cpowers@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 319
Mrs. Nicole Roberson English Chair  nroberson@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 325
Miss Heather Ruhland English, Arts Chair, Dance  hruhland@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 321
Mr. Mark Rzemek  Phys Ed.  / Health Chair  mrzemek@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 234
Miss Maria Schaffstall  Math  mschaffstall@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 322
Mr. Gary Schulenberg Librarian  gschulenberg@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 232
Mrs. Bonnie Tandy Foreign Language Chair  btandy@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 323
Mrs. Lynn Tytka Math Chair  ltytka@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 324
Mrs. Kathy Walh-Henshaw Science kwalhhenshaw@smhlancers.org 716-683-4824 ext. 326

Board of Trustees

Nicholas Fiume
Michael Rybak
Vice Chair
Evelyn Hamilton
Paul Elwell
Rev. Leon Biernat Jay Brinker  Maureen Denman Mark DiPirro
Jane Kney Ruth McManus Joseph Moreno Thomas Oddo
Laurie Reger Michael Sobotka Vincent Sorrentino  
  Emeritus - Karen Penfold  Emeritus - Dale Volker