Counseling Center

College Tours

St. Mary's offers a great program run by the Counseling Center where upper classmen get an opportunity to visit university and college campuses.  The Counseling Center starts working with students their Freshman year to get the process started.

“In June, St. Mary’s offered a field trip to tour Syracuse University, LeMoyne College, RPI, Siena College, University of Albany, Boston College and Boston University.

During each tour we learned about the hundreds of majors, study options, and research opportunities available. There was a wide variety of resources to ensure the prosperity of the students. We discovered a multitude of extracurricular opportunities to enhance student life, including a variety of athletic programs, clubs for every student interest, and an active Greek life community. Every school we visited had a strong sense of community and an appreciation of diversity.

Each institution emphasized the education of the person as a whole, seeking to prepare students to flourish in society. I am very thankful to St. Mary’s for offering this trip. The experience allowed me to gain a better understanding of what I will be looking for when I begin applying for college.”

 – Lisa Cercone

College Planning

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Please note - the College Code for St. Mary's High School is 332770