Shadow Day

Want to know what it’s like to be a Lancer? Spend a day at St. Mary’s High School. 8th graders are invited to join us for a Shadow Day. Read More...


Junior Rachel Cichocki, freshman Maranda Cichocki, and their family missioned to the Dominican Republic over the summer. Read more...


The Women's Varsity Volleyball Team recently honored the senior members of their team. Read more...


The Lancer Auction, taking place February 3rd, 2017, combines delicious food, stellar auction items and no shortage of fun all while raising money to benefit St. Mary’s students. Read more...


See how St. Mary's High School is preparing young men and women for college and beyond.

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Preparing for the world ahead


As a college prep school, we believe our students’ high school years should prepare them for college and for life. St. Mary’s provides a comprehensive program to prepare our students, and their parents, for college. Learning in a co-ed environment prepares students for a world where both men and women come together in work, friendship and life.

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